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Spencer Pratt new HUM-Daddy™ Hand Held Feeder

NEW TO THE HUM-fi™ line of products!  Spencer Pratt has been using our products to hand feed hummingbirds and asked us to develop one just for him. Introducing ...

The HUM-Daddy™ 3 port hand held hummingbird feeder. Available exclusively on his website.

Stay Tuned for our

BirDiorama™Feeding Station

   The BirDiorama™ brings nature right into your home! watching the birds and enjoying them is as easy as placing this Feeding Station in the window. Filling and cleaning is simple. "Just Spin and Your In!" You can personalize it to your needs and change it for every season. Hence the "Diorama"

Childrens HUM-fi™

A chunky version of our hand held feeders for small hands or arthritic hands easy to hold and a fits right to the window. Comes complete with 1 Childrens HUM-fi™ a storage container, insructions and a Hummingbird Fact card. Great for Science projects and Home School.

For 5+ years

9.99 + shipping

Take a look! The Butterfly Palace in Branson MO


is using the Original Butter-fi™ Nectar Feeder to hand feed butterflies in habitats.

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