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How to Hand Feed Hummingbirds.

                           Easy as 1-2-3!

photo by Russ Thompson

   How Does the HUM-fi Work?  

How to Use the HUM-fi™

The HUM-fi™ is so simple to use and hummingbirds love them!

Just fill 1/4 with plain white sugar and add warm water,

shake and you're good to go. Anyone can do this!


Place HUM-fi™ in an upright position (flower facing up).

Clean surface before attaching suction cup to window

Attached clip can be used on hanging basket, a nearby branch,

attached to another feeder for territorial birds

Turn HUM-fi™ to the side as nectar level goes down just above

the port at the flower.


The secret to Using the HUM-fi™ is placement.

On a Window where the hummers can be observed from Indoors

Use handy Clip near a sitting area outdoors in a hanging basket

or any non porous surface such as a patio light.


Let the window do the work.

Wait and Observe.

When the hummingbird finds it, hold in your hand!

Your Feeding the Hummingbirds!

Very neat design that is simple to use.Easy to clean and fill.

Never use raw sugars, honey, artificial sugars, jello.

These are sweet, however are not good for the hummingbird.


The NEW HUM-fi™ is an innovation really works! Just look at our reviews.


This is the Micro HUM-fi™ in Action!

Photograph by L S Durante

How to use the HUM-Button™

Wash and fill your new HUM-button
Place in the palm of your hand
quietly move near an existing hummingbird feeder
hold your hand out to offer it to the hummingbird.

They know these ports have the food they want.
if they seem hesitant
move your hand closer to the feeder and over the top of one feeding port and once they try it move away slowly to a comfortable place..
That's it, easy peezy!

Hand feeding hummingbirds is so so cool.
Each hummingbird sounds differently (the sound of their wings)
To feel them this close is amazing and hummingbirds will respond if they feel like you are safe.
Develop a relationship with your little feathered  friends.


Photographs by L S Durante

The HUM-Drum™ Once you've mastered the HUM-Button, try using the HUM-Drum™ for a new experience hand feeding the hummers.

The HUM-Drum™ is a bit larger and has 3 nectar ports for more hummingbird enjoyment.

< We also have Window Perches available for both the HUM-Drum™ and the HUM-Button™ .

A great way to put your feeder down when not using it and a welcome rest for your hummingbirds!

Drop us a line. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.


Copyrite 2002

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