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<All Occasion Gift Set

The Gift with Everything! FREE SHIPPING
                        1 HUM-fi Hummingbird Feeder™
                        1 HUM-Button™ Palm Feeder
                        1 HUM-Drum™
                         2 Packets Nectar Mix
                         Hummingbird Fact Sheet                                           $19.99

This Gift Set will include FREE USA SHIPPING and will be Gift Boxed while our supplies last.

HUM-fi Hummingbird Bird Feeder
HUM- Drum™
8.99 ea + S&H

will hold approx 2 ounces of clear nectar. It has three ports for your charm of hummers to feed from your hand. Set it on a deck railing or your windowsill and wait or add the NEW Perch to put on the window.

We no longer use a mix with red dye due to health concerns. We send sugar based nectar.

Looks just like a Nectar Port!
3 HUM-Buttons
 9.99 + S&H

< NEW Style
You get BOTH!
1 HUM-Drum™
1 HUM-Button™
12.99 each Set + S&H

HUM-fi Hummingbird Bird Feeder

<<New Style HUM-Drum™ With New Window Perch

12.99 ea


Window Perch ONLY

for the HUM-Button™

3.99 each plus shipping

Lisa Durante

The Plant Whisperer LLC

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